Solvedgoogle translate php Low quality translation compared to google live translator

I noticed that current repo isn't accurate translate anymore. Looks like it happened few weeks ago.

For example, im trying to translate from "en" to "ru" this phrase:
My apologies about my messages, hope they weren't too inconvenient. Hope everything will get back to normal soon.

Here is what I got from google in browser
Приношу свои извинения по поводу моих сообщений, надеюсь, они не были слишком неудобными. Надеюсь, что скоро все вернется на круги своя.

While library translate it like this:
Мои извинения о моих сообщениях, надеюсь, они не были слишком неудобны. Надеюсь, что все скоро вернется к нормам.

Which have a way more direct translation.

Any thoughts ?

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Hi, i'm coming with some new updates. So, in order to use the function that generates the "tk" token, we need to get a key that is only available on a file provided by Google itself:


That token should be used with a class that generate the token. I created a sample class.

class TokenGenerator {
    function getKey( $text, $token ) {
      	$tokenExploded 	=	explode( '.', $token );
      	$prefix 		=	( int ) $tokenExploded[0] ?? 0;
          	$data 	=	[],
          	$eIndex 	=	0,
          	$fIndex		=	0;
          	$fIndex < strlen( $text ); $fIndex++
        ) {
          	$stringPosition 	=	$this->charCodeAt( $text, $fIndex );
          	if ( 128 > $stringPosition ) {
              	$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition;
            } else {
              	if ( 2048 > $stringPosition ) {
                  	$data[$eIndex++] = $stringPosition >> 6 | 192;
                } else if ( 
                  55296 == ( $stringPosition & 64512 ) && 
                  $fIndex + 1 < count( $text ) && 
                  56320 == $this->charCodeAt( $text, $fIndex + 1 ) & 64512 
                ) {
                  	$stringPosition 	=	65536 + ( ( $stringPosition & 1023 ) << 10 ) + $this->chartCodeAt( ++$fIndex ) & 1023;
                  	$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition >> 18 | 240;
                  	$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition >> 12 & 63 | 128;
                } else {
            		$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition >> 12 | 224;
                  	$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition >> 6 & 63 | 128;
                  	$data[$eIndex++] 	=	$stringPosition & 63 | 128;
      	$text 	=	$token;
      	for( $e = 0; $e < count( $data ) ; $e++ ) {
          	$text 	+=	$data[$e];
          	$text	=	$this->jrChars( $text, '+-a^+6' );
        $text 	=	$this->jrChars( $text, '+-3^+b+-f' );
        $text 	^=	( int ) $tokenExploded[1] ?? 0;

        if ( 0 > $text ) {
            $text 	=	( ( $text & 2147483647 ) + 2147483648 );

        return ( ( string ) $text %1E6 ) . ( '.' ) . ( $tokenExploded ^ $token );         
  	function charCodeAt($string, $offset) {
        $string = mb_substr($string, $offset, 1);
        list(, $ret) = unpack('S', mb_convert_encoding($string, 'UTF-16LE'));
        return $ret;
  	function jrChars($a, $b) {
      	for ($c = 0; $c < strlen( $b ) - 2; $c += 3) {
            $d = substr( $b, $c + 2);
            $d = "a" <= $d ? $this->charCodeAt( $d, 0 ) - 87 : ( int ) $d;
            $d = "+" == substr( $b, $c + 1) ? $a >> $d : $a << $d;
            $a = "+" == substr( $b, $c ) ? $a + $d & 4294967295 : ( $a ^ $d );
        return $a;

$generator 	=	new TokenGenerator;
$generator->getKey( 'Hello World', "451185.3571800534" ); // output : 493811.451184

I'll now do tests with Google to see whether it's effective or not.

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