Solvedvue slider component Load first component fails


I'm trying to use this component but when I first load the slider, the first line doesn't use the width properly. The slider is only "fixed", for instance if I resize my window or if open an inspect. This only happens in 1 first slider, as I have a function to add new line, each line contains a slider, besides the first one, the rest is automatically fine.


components: {
        'vueSlider': window['vue-slider-component']


<td class="text-center">
     <vue-slider ref="slider" v-model="rule.value" :options="options"></vue-slider>

An example of what I'm talking about:

screenshot from 2018-01-24 18-05-24

Is this a bug? The HTML/JS framework that I'm using is Foundation 6


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@NightCatSama I am calling the vue-slider inside bootstrap collapse where it does not work but it works outside the collapse block. But, calling refresh inside updated() hook solved it. Thanks.

      updated() {
        this.$nextTick(function () {

Other Answers:

@tiagoarasilva Maybe you can try adding this code after loading the data. = // simulate loads the data
  this.$nextTick(() => {
    this.$refs.slider.refresh() // refresh the component

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