SolvedGalaxyBudsClient Linux port?

I saw in a previous closed issue that you stated that you were working on a linux/macos port. I am currently running linux and was wondering if I could somehow help out with the development/testing?

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The port is mostly finished. Some stuff such as the tray bar integration is still missing, but this should be mostly usable.

Here is a beta build, just extract it somewhere and run the GalaxyBudsClient executable. This is a self-contained build, no dependencies required.

  1. Select the latest job that finished successfully
  2. On the next page, scroll all the way down to the artifacts section
  3. Select your architecture and download the binary (GitHub account required to download artifacts!)

These binaries are all self-contained and don't need any dependencies. They should run on virtually all Linux distributions.

I don't support Linux setups that use proprietary NVIDIA drivers due to severe bugs/incompatibilities with the rendering backend (libSkia). You can still try but expect sudden crashes and segfaults.

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