SolvedMailspring Libsecret not installed (SNAP on KDE Neon)

What operating system are you using?

KDE Neon

What version of Mailspring are you using?

Snap (1.1.4)

When opening I get the following error and mailspring does not start:

"Mailspring could not store you password securely. Make sure you have libsecret installed and a keyring is present. For more information, visit http://support.getmailspring,com/hc/en-us/articles/115001875571 "

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$ sudo apt install gnome-keyring fixes this

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Got here after having the same problem. Isn't the whole purpose of Snaps making sure that all dependencies are pre-packaged? Also, if I install it from the AUR (running Manjaro KDE), I need to enter my gnome-keyring master password every time I log on, which doesn't make sense particularly as I am not using Gnome Desktop. This feels like a very sloppy implementation, there should be a proper way to store passwords securely without depending on a package from a specific desktop environment.

As mentioned by @thiagosfsilva , installing gnome-keyring on a Plasma based Desktop Environment just doesn't make sense. This is a lousy fix and there could have been better fixes like why not make mailspring use KDE Wallet instead for keyring management? Also, like he mentioned, one has to enter the password of gnome-keyring at every login which was just not worth it.

Also, @funkypitt is right. This issue shouldn't have been closed in the first place so I will re-open another issue addressing the same

$ sudo apt install gnome-keyring fixes this

That is cool, but maybe this dependency should be by default in mailspring snap. Not all normal users know report this kind of stuff, if they do not know what to do, it will be frustrating and they will be uninstalling the app because "it is not working"

What do you think?

As the feedback on this issue seems to have been ignored so far, I have stopped using MailSpring on all of my computers (Windows and Linux), and have switched to using Wavebox to aggregate my online accounts.

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