Solvedkotlinx.serialization kotlin Multiplatform module: build errors

I tried using kotlinx.serialization in a kotlin multiplatform project in a commons module with some small model classes looking like the following:

open class Document {
    var _id: String? = null
    var _rev: String? = null

class User : Document() {

    var username: String = ""
    var email: String = ""
    var rollen: List<UserRoles> = emptyList()

    companion object {
        val TYPE = "User"

But when building via command-line I get following errors:

Unresolved reference: kotlinx
Cannot access 'Serializable': it is internal in ''
This class does not have a constructor

Its mentioned in the description that it should work with the kotlinx-serialization-runtime-common dependency which I am using. The plugin should stay the same as far as I read.

I am using kotlin 1.2.21, but already tried 1.2.20, 1.2.10 with the same results.
Gradle 4.4.1

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I received the same error message ("Cannot access 'Serializable': it is internal in ''"), but only because I forgot the import kotlinx.serialization.*. IntelliJ did not suggest to add this import automatically, so I first assumed some configuration issue. Maybe it helps someone arrivin here via Google.

Other Answers:

I get rid of that error by import I hope it helps.

You need to apply plugin: 'kotlinx-serialization' in platform buildscript too

@fisiodes Try to add import kotlinx.serialization.* to your file

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