SolvedIRkernel “jupyter kernelspec --version” exited with code 127

Hi, the code


I get an error

Error in IRkernel::installspec() : 
  jupyter-client has to be installed but “jupyter kernelspec --version” exited with code 127.

but after I did

conda install -c r r-essentials

on jupyter I can start an R network but


still gives the same error. My ultimate aim is to use hydrogen package in atom to run R code but it does not recognize the IRkernel just wondering whether I am missing something.

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Try starting it from bash and entering R, then running IRkernel::installspec(). It probably won't work when you use the R app icon, because it's not being run by bash, so it won't be affected by bashrc.

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I had encountered a similar issue, the resolution was to start a R session with sudo, execute the below statements

sudo -i R , and then

> Sys.getenv('PATH')
[1] "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/snap/bin:/snap/bin"

and thus, the kernel available to all the users.

Hope this helps

When you run IRkernel::installspec(), are you starting R in a terminal or using something like R Studio? Sometimes it can only find Jupyter if you start it in the terminal.

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