Solvedactiveadmin Issue with Ransack 1.8.6

Using a bundle update the version of Ransack was increased to 1.8.6 (from 1.8.4). The filter for the title of a model started to fail with the following error:

undefined method `names_by_decreasing_length' for Ransack::Predicate:Class

This method has been removed from Ransack 1.8.6 to increase memory performance. Somehow this method is called by ActiveAdmin, though I can't find where and how.

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We are using an old version of ActiveAdmin for some reason. Case closed.

Other Answers:

Same issue. Upgrading fixed it.

gem 'activeadmin', '>= 1.1', '<= 1.3'

then bundle update activeadmin FTW.

EDIT: apparently there is an incompatibility with ActiveAdmin 1.4. I edited the activeadmin version range to reflect the issue below.

Running Rails 5.1.4 with ActiveAdmin 1.0.0 produced this error from me, and upgrading to ActiveAdmin 1.1.0 resolved the issue.

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