Solvedgradle intellij plugin Integrate intellij-plugin-verifier

It would be nice if there was some kind of integration with the intellij-plugin-verifier to detect potential compatibility issues before the plugin is published. @serejke

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I've written a workaround for this problem in my Randomness plugin.

It will download the IDEs for you, so you don't have to pre-install them somewhere. Just copy the task from the link above, configure it (see below), and run it. That's it. This way, you don't have any OS-dependent paths in your configuration anywhere, and other people can replicate it without having to follow complicated instructions.

The IDEs are stored in the Gradle cache using the same method as the Gradle IntelliJ plugin, so you don't have to repeatedly download the IDEs.

You can configure it as follows:

runPluginVerifier {
    /// Required params
    // Name of the zip of your plugin in `build/distributions` (without `.zip`)
    pluginFileName = "intellij-randomness-$version"
    // The IDEs you want to verify against
    ides = ["IC-2018.1", "CL-2019.3"]

    /// Optional params
    // The version of the verifier plugin to use
    verifierVersion = "1.222"

Other Answers:

I've updated the script by copying the essential parts of the IdeaDependencyManager into the script (which is only a few lines anyway). Like the manager, the dependency is added to a separate, detached configuration, so it won't bloat your distribution files.

I don't really plan on expanding or improving it much further because it is, after all, only a workaround for a problem that is much better solved by integrating it into the Gradle IntelliJ plugin.

Thanks @YannCebron for letting me know about this issue 🙌

I just included in build.gradle:

apply from:''

runPluginVerifier {
    pluginFileName = "<name>-<version>"
    ides = ["IC-2019.3.5"]
    verifierVersion = "1.241"


./gradlew runPluginVerifier

it works like a charm. Thanks @FWDekker 👏

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