Solvedincubator mxnet Installing GPU support on Mac

Anyone managed to install GPU support on macOS? I've got an eGPU running with NVIDIA card. Installed CUDA 9 with cuDNN (version 8 does not seem to run on macOS 10.13.2).

I've read some posts saying that CUDA 9 was supported from MXNET v 0.12.

Running a command like pip install mxnet-cu90 does not work though.

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  1. Download Xcode8.3.3 from Apple. This is the version NVIDIA state for Cuda 9.1 Mac. Unzip and rename to
  2. Run sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/ or to wherever you have placed Xcode.
  3. Run xcode-select --install to install all command line tools compilers etc.
  4. Run git clone --recursive mxnet to get the latest version currently 1.0.1 which worked for me.
  5. cd mxnet
  6. Edit the make/ file to set
USE_CUDA_PATH = /usr/local/cuda
  1. Copy the mxnet/make/ to mxnet/
  2. Run make If you previously attempted to compile you might want to do make clean_all first. You can also run make -j to compile with multithreading. There'll be plenty of warnings but should be no errors.
  3. Once finished you should have a file called in mxnet/lib/
  4. Do cd python
  5. Run sudo python install
  6. Do cd .. then you should be able to run python example/image-classification/ --network lenet --gpus 0 to test GPU training.

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@szha thanks, can confirm it all works, running macOS 10.13.2 with Cuda 9.1 and cuDNN 7 on a MacBook Pro with Sonnett ePGU and GeForce 1080 gpu.

Training the lenet example takes 36 seconds now vs. 14 minutes and 11 seconds on cpu.

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