Solvedlumber Install forest-admin plugin fails: self signed certificate in certificate chain


I'm trying to generate my first lumber project following the steps shown on your website or trought lumber generate CLI command. (Solved by upgrading mysql from 5.7 to 8)

I now try to finish the installation by executing the final command lumber install lumber-forestadmin ...

The command do not success, I tried to add the NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED process env but it just throwing me a warning and still have the same error and also tried npm config set strict-ssl=false


Failure Logs

> Cannot connect to the database due to the following error:
> SequelizeConnectionError: self signed certificate in certificate chain


  • Lumber Package Version: 2.5.1
  • Database Dialect: mysql
  • Database Version: 8.0.18
7 Answers

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Hi @Sorok-Dva, thank you for contributing! 👍

I just released Lumber a few minutes ago. It includes a fix that may solve your problem:

Command Generate - Fix MySQL connection failure without SSL

More info here and there.

You have to reinstall lumber-cli @ version 2.5.2 (the latest version)

Let me know if it works now! Thanks you for your patience.

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