Solvedvscode project manager Increase support to Remote Development

The Remote Development support started with #284 and #318 , with the following idea:

You can

  • Open any projects using the Open and Open in New Window commands
  • Use the Side Bar, and most of its commands

You can not

  • Save projects using the Save Project command

The Save Project command was disabled because if you use it, it could save "remote folders" in your "local projects". So, if you select that "remote folder", it would try to open it locally, because there is not way to know it was "remote"

The full support (whatever it means for each user, myself included) depends on feedback.

Based on these comments #284 (comment), #284 (comment) and #284 (comment), it appears some users where installing the extension remotely (an unpredicted scenario) and were being able to use the Save Project command. I'm not sure the extension should be installed on remote, instead of support to be used on remote, but let's see.

This issue will be use to gather information from users, to combine the remote experiences, and see how the extension would embrace that scenario.

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Apparently VS Code's remote feature is deliberately designed so that extensions are supposed to be installed separately within WSL - you can see this by opening a new WSL window for the first time, when it will tell you that many of the extensions were disabled. Opening the list of extensions shows you all the ones installed (on the host), and it's easy to reinstall each one within WSL as well.

That's what everybody using Project Manager from within WSL was doing. It fits with the design and worked perfectly well. In fact, the separation of projects on the host and projects in WSL was useful to me. This update removed that separation between host and WSL environment, causing the problems and drawbacks. In my opinion the change should be reverted and instead the host vs. WSL behavior could be briefly documented, eg:

Note that when using the Remote - WSL extension, Project Manager must be installed again within the WSL environment. Additionally, the list of projects stored on the host will be different from the list of projects stored within WSL.

For the people affected:
Downgrading is annoying, so instead do what was mentioned a couple times in #284: add this to your settings.json.

"remote.extensionKind": {
    "alefragnani.project-manager": [

(It can be a string or array - VS Code autocompleted an array for me so I think that's the preferred syntax.)

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Previous version

When using locally, all projects are saved to local AppData folder on Windows.
When remotely connected to Linux Host via SSH, All project manager settings saved and read from remote server.

This way, we can separate both configurations.

  • When I use local VSCode, I see locally saved projects not remotes.
  • When I use remotely connect to SSH, I only see remotely saved projects. This way i never mix local and remote configuration files.

Basically, each environment has its own extension and its own project setting.

New Version

All messed up. Can't see remote projects anymore. Have to trick settings to remotely see them.
Cant even save but edit manually of course.

  • When using local i see local projects
  • When i connect to SSH i still see local projects if setting *kind did not set.
  • Can't save remote projects to remote server settings.


  • Downgrade
  • Fork and create our own version (Not a real solution)
  • Revert the commits responsible of this change until we find a proper way of doing it.

Hi everyone,

Just released v10.11.0, which makes the Save Project command enabled again, even when connected on remotes. The idea is to give you the opportunity to install the extension remotely, like some of the comments above. You still need to add the User Setting commented by @requinix. I hope this could be remove in future releases.

"remote.extensionKind": {
    "alefragnani.project-manager": [

I would say this is just another step on the journey to make the extension to work on Remotes. As I previously commented here, I have an idea of what I call full support, which is similar to what @neighthan commented here. The VS Code issue commented by @Christilut is a start.

As I said in the related issues, I don't use remotes that much, so the use cases you provide are crucial to define how the extension should and should not work.

Thank you, for your patience, and valuable feedback ๐Ÿ‘

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