Solvedelementor Improve performance: Reduce DOM elements


  • I have searched for similar features requests in both open and closed tickets and cannot find a duplicate.
  • The feature is still missing in the latest stable version of Elementor ( Elementor Pro. )

Mentioned before but ticket closed and no real answer:

Right now we have way too many DOM elements on our mockup 2000+ My aim is to be below 800 this will be hard with page builders I know. But we should still aim for it and be maximum on a more comprehensive design eb below 1500.

We have no advanced custom things so. Don't see how elementor can add that many divs? Why not add ID and class directly to the tag of h2 or span or p instead of wrapping it into 2 divs?

Of course a plain html page would have minimum DOM and that we don't want but I still consider this amount of DOM elements not to be needed to structure this design. I've seen Divi pages etc use below 1500. Maybe this is a pure elementor issue according to you? I will address a ticket to them tomorrow morning as well.

Which will reduce or use fewest DOM elements.

Section + section + section
Section + inline section widget + inline section widget

Help me make the site much easier for browsers to render with what we have today and please comment on the DOM elements and make elementor build pages more lightweight when it comes to DOM elements.

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If you have concrete suggestions for reducing the number of DOM elements - we are open to hearing it.

@shilo-ey do you mean isolated testcases?

Here's one to get the ball rolling. I created a new page using the "Elementor Canvas" layout. I added a single heading element with the default properties. The resulting markup:

<div data-elementor-type="post" data-elementor-id="462" class="elementor elementor-462" data-elementor-settings="[]">
<div class="elementor-inner">
<div class="elementor-section-wrap">
<section class="elementor-element elementor-element-3c77f58 elementor-section-boxed elementor-section-height-default elementor-section-height-default elementor-section elementor-top-section" data-id="3c77f58" data-element_type="section">
<div class="elementor-container elementor-column-gap-default">
<div class="elementor-row">
<div class="elementor-element elementor-element-8d5dee6 elementor-column elementor-col-100 elementor-top-column" data-id="8d5dee6" data-element_type="column">
<div class="elementor-column-wrap  elementor-element-populated">
<div class="elementor-widget-wrap">
<div class="elementor-element elementor-element-09a1be6 elementor-widget elementor-widget-heading" data-id="09a1be6" data-element_type="widget" data-widget_type="heading.default">
<div class="elementor-widget-container">
<h2 class="elementor-heading-title elementor-size-default">Hello World</h2>	</div>

It would be great to reduce the number of the nested div elements as much as possible. In this specific case, ideally, there would be a single h2 element and no divs.

Other Answers:

I've been using Elementor for about 5 years now (1st year free and then PRO) and have quite a few sites running on it. My major issue has always been the constant safe loading/styles breaking up and having to clear, reset, clear, reset over and over again, but to the point at hand.... I gave up on the DOM issue and my solution was a "pick your poison" type of approach. Ideally, the less plugins, the better; but what if you actually need more plugins to offset the harm of the others?

Aside from W3TC, I found that adding Hummingbird to handle asset optimization (which works very well with Cloudflare by the way) + Asset Cleanup + CAOS & OMGF solved every page-speed issue except the DOM/Facebook Analytics nightmare which I tried fixing with "Host Everything Locally (HELL)", but it didn't work for Facebook.

WordPress loads many resources/plugins on pages that you probably just use in one page. With Asset Cleanup you take care of that little problem and that's how I got to improve the score on the front-page (working on rest now).
Another problem is that I have no idea why "jquery" has not been updated to the latest stable version (Current version is red flagged with two security issues on Lighthouse). I did try and update manually, but then the Elementor position breaks (Navigator + Right Click edit) and neither your icons or templates load. All you get is the empty dialog box.

ELEMENTOR... Take a break from adding new features and try to make your platform more stable and fix way overdue issues (Like the post excerpt length and many other bread and butter functions used on a daily basis). There will be the day, when one of those more efficient page builders are going to figure-out and develop a way of importing from one builder to another and you will be the first one on the their list.

The more I'm looking into performace issues with Elementor, the more I'm sceptical about Elementor's future and Elementor's focus on being a professional tool.

Professional tool should produce professional results. WebFlow produces clean code and is super-fast. Oxygen produces clean code and is also fast. Elementor produces huge amount of divs, loads unnecessary files and is just slow, if you build something more complex. (All the reasons why professionals hate page builders.)

I've been trying out Oxygen page builder and my early conclusion was this:

  • It's posibble to build more complex websites with Oxygen.
  • Performance is on a different level with Oxygen.
  • Elementor is nicer and more comfortable to use.

I'm still not ready to switch from Elementor, but I'm more and more concerned about Elementor's focus. Is it going to be a "toy" page builder for amateur users, or is it going to be a professional tool (like WebFlow) for WordPress that professionals can confidently use to build professional websites?

Google PageSpeed Insights hates Elementor, which must also be bad for SEO.

I really hope something can be done about fundamentally improving Elementor's performance.

Oh yes, the number of nested divs is quite insane and most likely unnecessary.

On the other hand I understand, that such a reduction could cause significant backward compatibility issues. Some legacy render option would be needed if this update would come to life.

Little bit offtopic, but concerning other types of bloat (CSS, JS):

Definitely not independent and not without bias, but the point is quite clear and cannot be easily ignored.

Just to clearly declare it here: I'm definitely not an Oxygen user, nor the fond of it, but the way it handles the code is way better than Elementor's and shows the other page builders it's doable. I'm pointing this out here, because the clarity and bloat of the code concerns me a lot and as far as it's handled by Elementor, doesn't make me happy. And that's why I'm still on the search of the page builder Holy Grail and still without the success. Oh my, how happy would I be, if it was Elementor! Alas it isn't. At least not yet. Hopefully it will be in the future and this is one thing that would helped it a lot.

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