Solvedant design Impossible to expand Select component dropdown programatically

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Reproduction link

Steps to reproduce

Try to programatically expand element, to see the dropdown in one of these ways:


What is expected?

Select would expand and show dropdown values.

What is actually happening?

Select is not expanding. The only possible way to expand it that I found is by using your mouse.

Environment Info
antd 4.0.2
React 16.13.0
System Windows 10
Browser Google Chrome 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This used to work in Ant design 3.x.x but seems to be broken now after updating to ant design 4.0.2.

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@martis347 Propably it's mousedown event now instead of click.

I was able to open antd v4 select with the code below (tested in chrome console):

let select = document.querySelector('.ant-select-selector');
let clickEvent = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');
clickEvent.initEvent('mousedown', true, true);

Edit: Tested with RTL, works like a charm. Calling fireEvent.mouseDown on .ant-select-selector should open antd select in unit tests @Meshour :)

Tested with:

const select = container.querySelector(
    '[data-testid=mcc-select] > .ant-select-selector'
fireEvent.mouseDown(select); // this should open select in unit tests

Other Answers:

I managed to test clicking and selecting multiple options and then expect the page results to change.

      const { findAllByText } = setup();

      const select= document.querySelector(
        `[data-testid="<test_id>"] > .ant-select-selector`
      ) as HTMLElement;

      // click on the select input 

      // wait for the ant dropdown element to appear
      await waitFor(() => {
        return expect(

      // select a single dropdown option`[label="1"]`) as Element)

      const records = await findAllByText(/record/);
      // select another dropdown option`[label="2"]`) as Element)

      const records2 = await findAllByText(/record/);

I spent hours on this, so I hope it helps someone :)

Thanks @mrdannael, I have lost so much time with this. Here are some more details:

You can select your component like so to avoid the querySelector all

const elt = getByTestId('your-test-id').firstElementChild;

Now at this point you probably want to select an option from the list but there is an animation going on so the following code (that used to work in v3) will fail.

expect(getByText('Option from Select')).toBeVisible(); // FAILS !

You have 2 options, use toBeInTheDocument() or wait for the animation to be over by using waitFor(...)

Option 1: Faster but not totally accurate, I prefer to use this for simple use cases as it makes the tests faster and synchronous

expect(getByText('Option from Select')).toBeInTheDocument(); // WORKS !

Option 2: Slower as you need to wait for the animation to finish but more accurate for complex cases

await waitFor(() => expect(getByText('Option from Select')).toBeVisible()); // WORKS !

Hi guys, its impossible to test Select and Autocompletes components.

Here it's my unit test using jest and testing library.

import React from 'react'
import faker from 'faker'
import { Form } from 'antd'
import { fireEvent, render, screen, RenderResult, waitFor } from '@testing-library/react'
import { BankAutocompleteInput } from '@/shared/presentation/components'
import { FormContext } from '@/shared/presentation/contexts'

const makeSut = (fieldName: string): RenderResult => {
  return render(
    <FormContext.Provider value={{ state: {} }}>

describe('BankAutocompleteInput Component', () => {
  beforeAll(() => {
    Object.defineProperty(window, 'matchMedia', {
      writable: true,
      value: jest.fn().mockImplementation(query => ({
        matches: false,
        media: query,
        onchange: null,
        addListener: jest.fn(), // Deprecated
        removeListener: jest.fn(), // Deprecated
        addEventListener: jest.fn(),
        removeEventListener: jest.fn(),
        dispatchEvent: jest.fn(),
        setState: jest.fn()

  test('Should set value on combobox click', async () => {
    const field = faker.database.column()

    const input = screen.getByTestId(field).firstElementChild
    await waitFor(() => fireEvent.change(screen.getByRole('combobox'), { target: { value: 'Banco do Brasil S.A.' } }))

    await waitFor(() =>'.ant-select-item-option-content')[0]))


I'm receiving this error on terminal, but the unit tests is passing on green.


      Warning: An update to List inside a test was not wrapped in act(...).
      When testing, code that causes React state updates should be wrapped into act(...):
      act(() => {
        /* fire events that update state */
      /* assert on the output */
      This ensures that you're testing the behavior the user would see in the browser. Learn more at
          in List (created by OptionList)
          in OptionList (created by ForwardRef(Select))
          in div (created by SelectTrigger)
          in div (created by Align)
          in Align (created by CSSMotion)
          in DomWrapper (created by CSSMotion)
          in CSSMotion (created by PopupInner)
          in PopupInner (created by Popup)
          in div (created by Popup)
          in Popup (created by Trigger)
          in ForwardRef (created by Trigger)
          in Trigger (created by SelectTrigger)
          in SelectTrigger (created by ForwardRef(Select))
          in div (created by ForwardRef(Select))
          in ForwardRef(Select) (created by Select)
          in Select (created by ForwardRef(InternalSelect))
          in ForwardRef(InternalSelect) (created by Context.Consumer)
          in ForwardRef(AutoComplete) (created by Field)
          in Unknown
          in Unknown (created by Field)
          in div (created by FormItemInput)
          in div (created by FormItemInput)
          in div (created by Col)
          in Col (created by FormItemInput)
          in FormItemInput (created by Field)
          in div (created by Row)
          in Row (created by Field)
          in Field (created by WrapperField)
          in WrapperField (created by FormItem)
          in FormItem (created by BankAutoCompleteInput)
          in BankAutoCompleteInput
          in form (created by ForwardRef(Form))
          in ForwardRef(Form) (created by ForwardRef(InternalForm))
          in SizeContextProvider (created by ForwardRef(InternalForm))
          in ForwardRef(InternalForm)

      at printWarning (node_modules/react-dom/cjs/react-dom.development.js:88:30)
      at error (node_modules/react-dom/cjs/react-dom.development.js:60:5)
      at warnIfNotCurrentlyActingUpdatesInDEV (node_modules/react-dom/cjs/react-dom.development.js:23284:7)
      at dispatchAction (node_modules/react-dom/cjs/react-dom.development.js:15656:9)
      at node_modules/rc-virtual-list/lib/hooks/useHeights.js:61:7

How i can test this without warnings?

Thanks forwards.

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