Solvedbagisto Impossible to create the root directory "".

This error message appeared for me two times,
First after adding the product category, the second one after adding a product and hit save on this route (/admin/catalog/products/edit/1), however the category and the product seem to be added successfully even after this error.

I'm working on Ubuntu 18.04 for the last version of composer and Bagisto, not sure if it's a bug or there is something wrong with my basic installation of the packages.
Already update the composer dependencies.

Update: it seems to be a problem whenever I try to upload an image to the application whether it is a product or a category.

Screenshot from 2019-04-15 20-32-52

Environment & details:


channel "default"
locale "en"
_token "RLXafVNeXfQygz20IK4jKFEmchuJfQZSH8eNyx6s"
_method "PUT"
sku "34127864523467"
name "Men Navy Stripped T-Shirt"
url_key "men-navy-stripped-tshirt"
tax_category_id ""
new "1"
featured "0"
visible_individually "1"
status "1"
Wash_Care "Machine-wash"
short_description "

This is a short sleevs tshirt with rounded neck.

description "

A men t-shrit most suitable for medern youth style.

meta_title ""
meta_keywords ""
meta_description ""
price "300"
special_price "0"
special_price_from ""
special_price_to ""
weight "20"
inventories array:1 []
images array:3 []
categories array:1 []


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✔️Accepted Answer

The following fixed it for me:

  1. shutdown artisan
  2. cd storage/app/
  3. unlink public
  4. startup artisan

When running php artisan storage:link, it recreates the public directory as a symlink, which is pointing to itself.
Not running php artisan storage:link won't create a symlink and fixes it (at least for me)

Other Answers:

First delete the PUBLIC folder/file from root/storage/app/ then delete STORAGE folder under root/publc, then first create PUBLIC folder in root/storage/app and then hit php artisan storage:link. All done. enjoy

Problem is, the "storage/app/public" directory is a symlink to the directory that does not exist anymore. That's why you are getting this error. Please follow the following points to resolve this issue:

1: Remove existing symlink:
cd storage/app/public

unlink public

2: From the project's root directory run the following command:

php artisan storage:link

First remove these folders


Then run the following command

php artisan storage:link

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