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I tried to use the polyfill with IE 11 & when I use a for-of loop I have an "object expected" error which seems to be related to the Symbol.iterator polyfill.
I've read that your polyfill assumes that Symbol is native. Do you plan to fix this?

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I am experiencing same issues. Running the code that is transpiled by the Babel and Symbol.iterator is missing from array objects. After explicitly requesting it with it works, but then I have to either do another request for remaining features or list them all there. Shouldn't Array.prototype.@@iterator be part of default set since Symbol.iterator is there?

Similar issue goes with Set as well, no Symbol.iterator present, but in this case there isn't really a polyfill that would fix it. Although it strange. Now I see that Set polyfill already has iterator included, but after loading default polyfill for IE11 and running Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(new Set()) I am getting empty array.

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Why is that? Isn't polyfill supposed to make it work? :)

@FredyC - It sounds like you want the default set plus the es6 set and possibly even the es5 set. You can request the default set plus other features in one request, here is an example which asks for the default,es5 and es6 set --,es5,es6.

It also looks like we have not added the es6 alias to the configuration for Array.prototype.@@iterator polyfill.

With regards to the Set issue you also mentioned. Our polyfill does include a method for Set.prototype[Symbol.iterator]. Would you be able to create a separate issue for this bug with some code to replicate it, preferably a page.

Thanks for reporting these issues.