Solvedcommitlint How to validate github issues / jira issues

i am currently looking into how i could validate that a commit msg does include a github issue number or a jira issue number.
We currently do this with validate-commit-msg
since that package is supposed to be deprecated i was wondering how i am supposed to do something similar with commitlint.

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Is it also possible to configure so that this would be accepted:

PROJ-1 feat(users): add model

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You can do this via the references-empty rule

// commitlint.config.js
module.exports = {
  'references-empty': [2, 'never']

This checks for the presence of any "reference", which depends on conventional-commit-parser settings. Per default this yields:

λ echo "type: subject" | commitlint
   input: type: subject
   references may not be empty [references-empty]
   found 1 problems, 0 warnings

λ echo "type: subject #1" | commitlint
   input: type: subject #1
   found 0 problems, 0 warnings

When validating JIRA ticket numbers you'll want to configure an issuePrefix:

// commitlint.config.js
module.exports = {
  parserPreset: {
    parserOpts: {
      issuePrefixes: ['PROJ-']
  'references-empty': [2, 'never']

This create the following results:

λ echo "type: subject" | commitlint
   input: type: subject
   references may not be empty [references-empty]
   found 1 problems, 0 warnings

λ echo "type: subject #1" | commitlint
   input: type: subject #1
   references may not be empty [references-empty]
   found 1 problems, 0 warnings

λ echo "type: subject PROJ-1" | commitlint
   input: type: subject PROJ-1
   found 0 problems, 0 warnings

This question crops up often enough to warrant documentation.
Thinking about creating a "Common use cases" page.

@cevatkerim rules definitions have to be wrapped into a rules, parserPreset must be inside parserOpts:

// commitlint.config.js
module.exports = {
  parserPreset: {
    parserOpts: {
      issuePrefixes: ['PROJ-']
  rules: {
    'references-empty': [2, 'never']
echo "type: subject" | commitlint
   input: type: subject
   references may not be empty [references-empty]
   found 1 problems, 0 warnings

echo "type: subject PROJ-1" | commitlint
   input: type: subject PROJ-1
   found 0 problems, 0 warnings

@Anzumana @belamrani @mebibou I created a plugin and a config special for JIRA commit messages style commitlint-jira

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