Solvedbootstrap vue How to use event row-clicked <b-table>.

Hi guys, I'm trying to use event row-clicked to fill some props when click on a b-table row.
Tried to find an example on google but without success.
How can I use this event?
I'm currently using a button for this, but I want to change it.

<b-table bordered striped hover :items="environments" :fields="fields" :current-page="currentPage" :per-page="perPage" :filter="filter"> <template slot="actions" scope="environment"> <b-btn size="sm" @click="log(environment.item)">Details</b-btn> </template> </b-table>

Is it possible use row-clicked or even double click for that? Thanks!

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<b-table bordered striped hover 
  <template slot="actions" scope="environment">
    <b-btn size="sm" @click="log(environment.item)">Details</b-btn>
methods: {
  myRowClickHandler(record, index) {
    // 'record' will be the row data from items
    // `index` will be the visible row number (available in the v-model 'shownItems')
    log(record); // This will be the item data for the row

Other Answers:

Strange that an example of using row-clicked isn't in the docs...

@tmorehouse would you accept a PR?

The row clicked handler is passed a copy of the row's data (item) as the first argument to the handler.

You can then set the value of item._showDetails to true:

  // To toggle:
  this.$set(item, '_showDetails', !item._showDetails)
  // or to just show:
  this.$set(item, '_showDetails', true)
  // or to just hide:
  this.$set(item, '_showDetails', false)

Using this.set(...) ensures that Vue's reactivity will detect the change (in case the _showDetails property doesn't exist in the item)

Adding dblclick support to rows might also be a handy feature for us to add to b-table

@andthomas I am not sure I got your example to @hrakotom question? How exactly to we use the row.toggleDetails function instead of our handler.

    @row-clicked="myHandler"  // how instead of my Handler can I use the row.toggleDetails?

All I want is to show row details when I click the row and not with a button.

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bootstrap vue How to use event row-clicked <b-table>.
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