Solvedspotless How to setup spotless for a git pre commit hook that only check changed files

I'm using spotless with an android kotlin project now. And I have spotless set up like this

apply plugin: 'com.diffplug.gradle.spotless'
spotless {
    kotlin {
        target "**/*.kt"

What I want to do is set up a git pre commit hook that apply gradlew spotlessCheck before the commit but only on the commited files. It's something like this eslint-pre-commit-check
I have search around the repo but can't figure out how to achieve this. Is there any way to do this? Thanks.

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Understood. Following is my workaround now. Hope it helps someone else who want to achieve this too.

# From gist at

echo '[git hook] executing gradle spotlessCheck before commit'

# stash any unstaged changes
git stash -q --keep-index

# run the spotlessCheck with the gradle wrapper
./gradlew spotlessCheck --daemon

# store the last exit code in a variable

# unstash the unstashed changes
git stash pop -q

# return the './gradlew spotlessCheck' exit code
exit $RESULT

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