Solvedapollo How to deal with unix:///tmp/supervisor.sock refused connection when start the HMI?

After I install the docker and build the apollo, I met the problem
Started supervisord with dev conf
Start roscore...
voice_detector: started
unix:///tmp/supervisor.sock refused connection
when start the HMI.
Does anyone met this problem and how to deal with it?

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You can check if there is a /etc/supervisord.conf, if not, you can create one this way:
echo_supervisord_conf > supervisord.conf && sudo mv supervisord.conf /etc/

After that, run
supervisord -c /apollo/modules/tools/supervisord/dev.conf
to start the supervisord service.

You can check the status by supervisorctl status. You should be able to see a list of modules like the following:

canbus                           STOPPED   Not started
conti_radar                      STOPPED   Not started
control                          STOPPED   Not started
dreamview                        STOPPED   Not started
gps                              STOPPED   Not started
localization                     STOPPED   Not started
mobileye                         STOPPED   Not started

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