SolvedSemantic UI How to add Semantic-ui to Webpack with vue-cli

yesterday, im have a problem with semantic ui js to import in webpack with vue-cli.

but now that problem is resolved. im just share how do im solve this problem.

import semantic from 'semantic' // error

i try again.

import semantic from 'semantic-ui' // error again

hmm, webpack does not recognize semantic.

but im try this

import semantic from 'semantic-ui/dist/semantic.js' // yes, it works!

if i'm wrong, please comment. thanks!

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✔️Accepted Answer

For me, I use semantic-ui-css package and add:


In my main.js file.

Other Answers:

Of course before you requiring ui-css, you can:

window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery')


if you work with vue ssr, you can use webpack.ProvidePlugin, like this:

plugin: [
  new webpack.ProvidePlugin({
      $: 'jquery',
      jQuery: 'jquery'

in App.vue

  const inBrowser = typeof window !== 'undefined'
  if (inBrowser) {
    var semantic = require('../semantic/dist/semantic.js')
  @import '../semantic/dist/semantic.css';

do not import jquery in App.vue or main.js

I also suggest using semantic-ui-css package if you don't use custom theming or some other features you can hack within gulp build step
It sticks right into node_modules so you can import it without dancing around

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