Solvedmaterial theme jetbrains How do I install the Material theme in PyCharm

I downloaded but I do not know how do I install it in PyCharm. Somehow I could not find instructions in GitHub.

Also, can one modify a theme? I have my own editor theme that works well for me and I would like to use it in the PyCharm UI as well, but again I could not find a way to do it. The PyCharm menu only shows Darcula, IntelliJ and Windows.

I am using Community Edition 3.6.

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✔️Accepted Answer

For easy install go to:

Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories

then Search for "theme"

You will see Material Theme, Rainglow, Afterglow Theme etc.

Install it with one click and restart PyCharm.

Other Answers:

There is an option "Install plugin from disk" in the Plugins section in the settings.

As for the theme, it is under the "Color Scheme" section.

Not import settings, but Settings > plugins > install plugin from disk