Solvedbrew Homebrew doesn't allow side-by-side Xcode 8.3.3 and 9.0 installations

I have both 8.3.3 and 9.0 installed on MacOS High Sierra.

When running brew upgrade xxxx, I am getting Error: Your Xcode (8.3.3) is too outdated. Please update to Xcode 9.0 (or delete it). Xcode can be updated from

This seems a harsh position since 8.3.3 is the current release and 9.0 is only in BETA (and not stable yet).

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OK. Please try this:

sudo mv /Applications/ /Applications/
sudo mv /Applications/ /Applications/

Other Answers:

That's a problem because one of the formulas does not support Xcode 9.

You can use brew install --force-bottle foo to use the Sierra bottle.

Why are you hardcoding which Xcode is used on which OS? Even after beta timeframe is over, it should be possible to switch an Xcode version on the fly using Apple provided tools, and brew should respect that setting.

Allowing arbitrary Xcode versions leads to avoidable build failures and additional support burden.

That's a problem because one of the formulas does not support Xcode 9.

Why are you hardcoding which Xcode is used on which OS? Even after beta timeframe is over, it should be possible to switch an Xcode version on the fly using Apple provided tools, and brew should respect that setting.

(There's another thing I'd like you to test after testing that if possible.)

Specifically (if you get a chance to test this), does brew work if you have the original names


and just run

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/


@jkili cool. And does it also work the other way, when is 8 and is 9, and you've run sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/ ?

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