SolvedPython Hacktoberfest 2020 - Implement Python algorithms or data structures, fix existing ones and more!

The annual Hacktoberfest is around the corner! Register on Hacktoberfest's website and open 4 pull requests during October 2020 to receive the swags (if you're the first 70,000 participants)!

In our Python repository, there are currently several open issues:

What's more, you can also fix an existing bugs, improve any documentation and provide better implementations for certain algorithms! Feel free to inform the community by filling an issue and start hacking! If you're new to contributing code, please read our Contribution Guidelines for an overall understanding and ask questions on the internet - Google, StackOverflow or our Gitter.

TheAlgorithms has repositories in other programming languages, so find your language and start coding there!

What you can do to participate

  1. Read our Contribution Guidelines
  2. Comment below or open an issue (for big ideas you may want the community to know) on your new implementations, fixes or functionalities
  3. Start hacking!
  4. Open a pull request for your contribution
  5. Label your pull requests with hacktoberfest
  6. Wait until your pull requests get reviewed or merged! In the meantime, you can review someone else's pull requests too

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  • Please observe Hacktoberfest's rules, terms and FAQ. If a pull request is marked invalid or spam it would not be counted and the person may be disqualified for the swags.
  • Hacktoberfest 2020 is an event presented by DigitalOcean, Intel and DEV.

Hacktoberfest's update

PRs count if:
Submitted in a repo with the hacktoberfest topic AND
during the month of October AND (
The PR is merged OR
The PR is labelled as hacktoberfest-accepted by a maintainer OR
The PR has been approved

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✔️Accepted Answer

PSA: I am checking out for the month of Hacktoberfest. I have some important work that I must attend to so I will stop contributing to this repo for the next 30 days. I would encourage maintainers to stick with the rules that have gotten us this far: be friendly, insist on best coding practices including all that is in (functions, type hints, doctests, etc.)

If you see PRs that are useless or show that the contributor has not read please mark those PRs with the invalid label and close them. (Hacktoberfest organizers look for the invalid label.) Do the same for any contributor who is disrespectful. If we consistently demonstrate that we have high standards and no tolerance for disrespect then the spamers will go elsewhere.

See you again in November.

Other Answers:

Hi @poyea & other maintainers,

I have a fix for issue #1901 and I would like to submit.

My YAML Workflow file auto-closes empty issues.
The file-path name is .github/workflows/auto_close_empty_issues.yml.

The workflow checks whether a new issue body is empty and if so it uses the close-issue action to auto-close the issue and send a notification email to the repo owner/maintainers.

I have tested the Workflow works as expected in my own repo.

Is is ok for me to raise a PR?

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