Solvedguake Global shortcut does not work in gnome applications in ubuntu 17.10

I'm trying the ubuntu 17.10 to see how it will go when released.

What I have found is when one of the built-in gnome apps (at least those) in focus - the guake's global shortcut does not work. So if you open any gnome app that is pre-installed, eg: calculator, updates settings, settings, gnome terminal, etc: then the global shortcut does not toggle the guake.

3rd party apps though, like firefox don't intercept the shortcut.

It does not matter what exact shortcut is set up to toggle the guake: either the default F12 or something exotic like alt+F12 or ctrl+alt+~ - the gnome apps intercept any of those anyway.

Is it a known problem? Any solution so far?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the ubuntu 17.10 beta2 (you may or may not upgrade all the packages, it does not change anything)
  2. Install guake
  3. Start guake
  4. Start calculator and firefox
  5. Focus firefox and press F12. See the guake was shown
  6. Focus calculator and press F12. Guake does not respond
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@Woile @eN0Rm as a workaround you may disable the shortcut in the guake config, and reassign it in the built-in global shortcuts gnome configuration:

eg. assign F12 for the /usr/bin/guake command.

Other Answers:

@ksemb: Replace guake3 by guake for Ubuntu 17.10:

/usr/bin/dbus-send --type=method_call --dest=org.guake.RemoteControl /org/guake/RemoteControl org.guake.RemoteControl.show_hide

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