Solvedoh my posh Git branch displayed 2 times and Python environment missing


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Following an upgrade from oh-my-posh 2 to oh-my-posh-3, the theme application seems to have two issues:

  1. The conda environment of my user is not displayed by default (the base environment)
  2. When I move to a git directory, the branch name is displayed as a prefix to the prompt and in the prompt
  3. If I activate a virtual environment venv, it is also displayed as a prefix


  • Oh my Posh version: v3
  • Theme: aliens
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.19042 Build 19042
  • Shell: Powershell
  • Terminal: Windows Terminal + VSCode

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Follow-up of the documentation for the update
  2. Set a theme
PS > Set-PoshPrompt -Theme aliens
  1. Export theme into PS profile
PS > Export-PoshTheme -FilePath ~/.oh-my-posh.omp.json
  1. Get the PS profile
  1. Edit the profile file :
Import-Module posh-git
Import-Module oh-my-posh
Set-PoshPrompt -Theme  ~/.oh-my-posh.omp.json
  1. Restart computer and reload Powershell
  2. Move to a Python Git repository with virtualenv


Expected behavior:

Is it possible :

  • to have only once the git branch in the prompt?
  • to have only once the Python environment in the prompt ?
  • to have the conda base environment displayed by default ?
  • not to have the error on the Python environment in the prompt ?

Actual behavior:

Currently this is not possible :)

21 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

@Kin-Zhang in that case, move the python segment before the text segment. They are rendered based on their order in the config so you can move them where yo'd like to see them. You can always share the config here and I'll gladly adjust it.

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oh my posh Git branch displayed 2 times and Python environment missing
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