Solvedghidra Ghidra does not render correctly with GDK_SCALE set (HiDPI display)


100% perfect workaround: #1 (comment)

Describe the bug

On HiDPI displays on Linux, it is necessary to set GDK_SCALE= for a reasonable experience with OpenJDK apps, but setting this variable causes clipping of UI elements in every window.

To Reproduce

  • Acquire HiDPI machine
  • Set GDK_SCALE=2 or higher
  • Launch Ghidra

Expected behavior

Neatly scaled UI

screenshot from 2019-03-05 23-51-13

Environment (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Ubuntu 18.10
  • Version
  • Dell XPS 9550 (~285 dpi)
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I found this in support/ Changing it to true fixed the problem for me.

# Resolves issue with Ubuntu when running within VM

Other Answers:

can confirm aswell, in combination with
on a 3000x2000 screen running cinnamon