Solvedanaconda Getting error: 'Autoformatting failed, buffer not changed'

I am getting the error Autoformatting failed, buffer not changed after clicking on Autoformat PEP8 Errors in the context menu on this file (original link).

My system configuration:
Ubuntu 14.04
Sublime Text 3, Build 3103
Anaconda 1.4.18
Python 2.7.6 (Default)
Python 3.4.3

18 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

I guess is because almost every single line on that file contains a PEP8 violation, you would probably want to increment the timeout (1s by default) for the auto_formatting_timeout setting in your Anaconda settings.

Try something like 5s and increment it in multiples of two until you find a sweet spot, AutoPEP8 is a great tool but not the fastest on planet.

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