Solvedeleventy getting data from a .json file in node_modules

For a small project using 11ty I want to pull in a package to the node_modules folder and access some of the data in a .json file within that package.

I'm doing something similar in another project using fractal where I'm using (pseudo code):

module.exports = {
  context: {
    colors: require('path/to/tokens/color-tokens.json')

I've tried adding this in a couple of places and I've got 11ty finding the file (it errors if I get the path wrong) but I seem to not be able to access it in nunjucks with something likes this (pseudo code):

{% for item in %}
  // code to pull in the relevant values.
{% endear %}

Am what I'm wanting doable (and I've just got it wrong somewhere)? Or do I need to set up a little gulp task to copy the .json file to the relevant _data folder and rename it to the .md file that would be using it?

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Thanks @robb0wen

Your example made to try and swap to to match the filenames - it works as expected.

Thanks everyone for taking time to get me through a spelling error 😭

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