Solvedjavascript function-paren-newline error vs. max-len error

The snippet:

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(

gives me the error Unexpected newline after "("

But when I remove the newline:

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(generateDndContextWithBackend(SiteEditorContainer));

I get the max-len error, because the line is longer than 100 characters.

What's the way to fix this to avoid all errors? function-paren-newline isn't currently smart enough to take account of line length, which seems like a shortcoming, especially now that we have highly evolved line-length tools like Prettier. I understand that there are tradeoffs, and best practices may conflict, but in principle there should be an error-free way to write this code that isn't highly contorted. Solution?

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This seems like it's actually a bug in the function-paren-newline rule (or an unavoidable conflict with max-len).

For now, you may want to disable that rule entirely; I'll leave this open to investigate disabling it in the config itself.

Other Answers:

@ljharb That doesn't work. In fact, it doubles the error:

Unexpected newline after "("
Unexpected newline before ")"

@yutin1987 fwiw, this is how we handle your example:

  <Tabbar active={0}>
    <Tabbar.Tab>Teb 1</Tabbar.Tab><Tabbar.Tab>Teb 2</Tabbar.Tab>


  <Tabbar active={0}>
    <Tabbar.Tab>Teb 1</Tabbar.Tab><Tabbar.Tab>Teb 2</Tabbar.Tab>

Also worth noting that we could additionally use the following (notice the additional parens) similar to what @ljharb mentioned for handling JSX code, which we also use right now because of this:

await Promise.all(( => getBlobResource({dataBlobId:, att: somethingElse}))

Though this is close, it feels wrong to add in otherwise unnecessary code to pass the linting.

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