SolvedInstaPy Follow likers function can't fetch likers properly

Getting likers from user: targetuser1

shuffling links
Got 24 , returning 1 links: ['{postId}/']
Few likes, not guaranteed you don't follow these likers already.
Got photo likers: ['', 'username12315', '3,742 others']

Earlier today everything was alright. I run it now and it's this way.

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Hi @opexa
I saw your problem while reading @timgrossmann's thread.

It is a problem out of the existing design off a commit - f31dc3f from @pez5001 introducing the usage of the re module in there (15 days ago).

if re.match(r'\d+ others', liked_this[-1].text):

That line fails when a button's text is 13,742 others.

Cos \d+ matches the decimals [0-9] but not with a comma.

I have normalized it and shared a solution at my live PR- #3460.
To apply it manually, see 49fd6e7 commit.

If you find it hard to apply, just open up file and,

if re.match(r'\d+ others', liked_this[-1].text): 


if " others" in liked_this[-1].text: 

that's it.

Other changes in that commit are good but not crucial.

Cheers 😁

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