Solvedreact native deck swiper Flickering with image content

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+1 same problem here
It is not a fundamental solution, but I have solved it by using react-native-fast-image.
Hope it works!

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Hello i just add unique key from card on view (renderFirstCard, renderSecondCard, renderSwipeBackCard).

Swiper.js :

renderFirstCard = () => {
   const { firstCardIndex } = this.state
   const { cards } = this.props

   const swipableCardStyle = this.calculateSwipableCardStyle()
   const firstCardContent = cards[firstCardIndex]
   const firstCard = this.props.renderCard(firstCardContent)
   const renderOverlayLabel = this.renderOverlayLabel()

   const notInfinite = !this.props.infinite
   if (notInfinite && this.state.swipedAllCards) {
     return <Animated.View />

   return (

 renderSecondCard = () => {
   const { secondCardIndex } = this.state
   const { cards, renderCard, showSecondCard } = this.props

   const secondCardZoomStyle = this.calculateSecondCardZoomStyle()
   const secondCardContent = cards[secondCardIndex]
   const secondCard = renderCard(secondCardContent)

   const notInfinite = !this.props.infinite
   const lastCardOrSwipedAllCards =
     secondCardIndex === 0 || this.state.swipedAllCards
   if (notInfinite && lastCardOrSwipedAllCards) {
     return <Animated.View />

   return (
     <Animated.View key={secondCardContent.product__id} style={secondCardZoomStyle}>
       {showSecondCard ? secondCard : null}

 renderSwipeBackCard = () => {
   const { previousCardIndex } = this.state
   const { cards } = this.props
   const previousCardContent = cards[previousCardIndex]
   const previousCardStyle = this.calculateSwipeBackCardStyle()
   const previousCard = this.props.renderCard(previousCardContent)
   return (
     <Animated.View key={previousCardContent.product__id} style={previousCardStyle}>

Work for you ?

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