Solvedmithril.js Fix Mithril's ad-hoc, confusing release process

Given increasing numbers of duplicate, already-fixed issues in docs and elsewhere, I feel it'd be helpful if we started better structuring and documenting our release process, as opposed to the ad-hoc mess that goes on now.

@lhorie @tivac I've assigned you two because you're the ones who can actually control releases.

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It might also be a good idea to have the site auto-updated from changes to docs within master, so we can cherry-pick relevant commits from next as applicable without doing a manual rebuild each time.

That's what #1689 is for, though it'll require @lhorie to make some changes to the hosting for before it'll take effect.

I'm all for this, here's my preferred flow.

  1. Ensure next is passing tests
  2. Integrate next to master
  3. Ensure master is passing tests
  4. npm version <major|minor|patch. -m "v%s" (to ensure the auto-generated tag looks nice)
  5. preversion lifecycle script builds bundle & runs tests
  6. version lifecycle script kicks in using @studio/changes or something similar to mostly auto-generate changelist
  7. postversion lifecycle script pushes changes to github
  8. Travis runs build, doesn't commit bundles (since the bundle was generated locally & hasn't changed)
  9. gh-pages branch updated with latest docs changes
  10. A github release is automatically created with... something. Needs more investigation!

Right now there's a few things that need decisions before that flow can work.

  1. any docs push to master will update the site. That's convenient for doc fixes, bad for new features. We'll need to determine if we care and potentially limit pushing docs to just tagged commits.
  2. there's no changelist auto-updating in place. I've got a flow I like for personal projects that I'd be happy to apply to mithril, but will need sign-off from at least one other maintainer and preferably Leo.
  3. We need to agree on the threshold for a release. IMO we should shoot for at least one patch-level release a month assuming that some changes have landed.
  4. We need to decide on whether or not we're strictly following semver or not. Mithril has not in the past, and considering the effort involved in getting the 1.0 release out the door we may want to keep it semver-ish for now.

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πŸ‘ from me @tivac

Last bit of build automation is #1741, the release process thing is a potentially bigger question.

I vote that we release 1.1.0 on Monday, March 27th. I'm happy to do that work around 9:30AM PDT.

Any concerns @lhorie @isiahmeadows @pygy? I don't see any issues in that milestone that are blocking the release.

Also just to clarify, anybody that can merge and tag a commit on master can push a release to NPM. It's all automated via Travis. It'll use my creds so I get to take credit for your hard work (πŸ˜‰) but I promise you don't need me around.

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