SolvedMailspring [Feature Request] Add 'Hide menu bar' menu item

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Elementary OS

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No plugins

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No, it concerns application's interface, not email accounts.

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Hidden menubar in the previous (1.0.2) version was great for sleek Elementary OS look. Now it is impossible to hide, so it is a bit of visual clutter some people will find unnecessary. Let the user decide if he wants to see the menubar all the time by creating a menu item or a checkbox in the Preferences, just like Firefox and Thunderbird do.

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You can make this permanent by using a plugin :
create a folder for the plugin : 'hide-menu-bar'
create a file called 'package.json' in that folder :

  "name": "hide-menu-bar",
  "main": "./main",
  "engines": {
    "mailspring": ">=1.0.8"
  "description": "Plugin for mailspring : hide the menu bar (Alt to toggle)",
  "license": "MIT"

then create a file called 'main.es6' in the same folder :

import electron from 'electron';

export function activate() {
	let win = electron.remote.getCurrentWindow();

then in Mailspring :
Developer >> Install plugin
and select the 'hide-menu-bar' folder.

Other Answers:

Hey folks - in the next release I'm adding a preference for this, as well as a new option to use the "right corner hamburger menu" and completely custom window controls. I think this will improve things a lot, especially on distros like Elementary where the standard window frame is very tall.

New options:

"Right corner hamburger" option - note the system window frame is not used at all, so it'll look like this (or your selected theme) on all Linux distros:

You just need to toggle the developer tools (Ctrl+Alt+I) and paste this in the console :
Then you can toggle the menu bar using Alt.
You need to do this everytime you restart Mailspring though.

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