Solvedag grid error TS2559: Type 'GroupCellRenderer' has no properties in common with type 'ICellRenderer'.

ag-grid and ag-grid-angular at 10.1.0, upgraded Angular to 4.2.2, recompiled. Got following error

node_modules/ag-grid/dist/lib/rendering/cellRenderers/groupCellRenderer.d.ts(6,22): error TS2559: Type 'GroupCellRenderer' has no properties in common with type 'ICellRenderer'.

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@Haemoglobin correct, speaking as a user.

BTW, this fixes it:

add the line: refresh?( params: any ): void; to the file groupCellRenderer.d.ts


export declare class GroupCellRenderer extends Component implements ICellRenderer{
  refresh?( params: any ): void;
// ....

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@makinggoodsoftware I think you've misapprehended the problem here. Your .d.ts file has a bug in it.

If you write

interface Foo {
  blah()?: void;
class Bar implements Foo {

The implements clause does nothing. It does not cause a blah?(): void property to appear in Bar. There's no way this is what you intended to mean.

You should write this instead if you want to "copy down" optional properties into the class:

interface Foo {
  blah()?: void;
class Bar {
interface Bar extends Foo { }

I'm getting a similar error with 2.4
TS2559: Type 'Component<P, S>' has no properties in common with type 'ComponentLifecycle<P, S>'.

My 5cts... @guryanovev @RyanCavanaugh

The main point of discussion here is if you are not going to implement the only optional method in the interface, well then don't implement the interface.

Well, that is flawed in my opinion. Interfaces like the ones we are discussing in this thread have always existed in frameworks exposed to users. If you are creating and consuming these interfaces internally, and not distributing your code as a library, then I understand this might be completely unnecessary and I would agree with not implementing them at all.

BUT, we are a framework used by many other developers, and these interfaces have a very important function.

First they act as marker interface,, they help to semantically increase the self documented aspect of the application, if I see a component implementing this interface I understand that is going to be used for a particular purpose.

They bind to your IDE helping developers search for components that implement this interface.

They tighten the contract between the user code and the framework (ag-grid in this case). If we ever change the interface definition in a future version and the user upgrades, he gets a compiler notification and can adapt the code accordingly.

So not implementing the interface is NOT an option and is bad advise in this case. We definitely want the customer to implement the interface for all the reasons above, so in this case we are deciding what we are going to do in this case, but I honestly think that this was not a good move.

Upon further reading of the release notes of 2.4 I can see this is intentional..

Weak types:

Back in TypeScript 1.6, we added a check for excess properties in object literals. This check looked for unexpected properties in object literals, and it happened to catch a large class of bugs. The only shortcoming of the check was that if you didn’t immediately pass your object literal to something of the appropriate type, the check wouldn’t be triggered.

In TypeScript 2.4, we’re adding a similar check for what we call weak types. Any type that contains only optional properties is considered a weak type since it provides few restrictions on what can be assigned to it. For example, this Options type is a weak type:

They include a workaround...

Since this is a breaking change, you may need to know about the workarounds which are the same as those for strict object literal checks:

Declare the properties if they really do exist.
Add an index signature to the weak type (i.e. [propName: string]: {}).
Use a type assertion (i.e. opts as Options).

So your implementation since 2.4 is going to have to include the method that is optional (refresh) even if you are going to leave it empty (same as not implementing it pre 2.4)

For the record... I think this is crazy... 😞

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