SolvedNativeBase error on nativebase 2.13.12 and expo 36.0.0 (REACT-NATIVE)

Unable to resolve "@expo/vector-icons/Fontisto" from "node_modules/native-base/dist/src/basic/IconNB.js"

Downgrading 2.13.8 is an alternative solution:

  • npm i --save-exact native-base@2.13.8
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npm i --save-exact native-base@2.13.8 Expo should release a version with that version

Other Answers:

@juandav try rm -rf node_modules && npm i

@DavidCorral94 @lmisael you should install native-base 2.13.8 not react native :)

This solution everyone is mentioning to downgrade, isn't a real solution. We need to reverse this commit: #3091 or we need to understand what other dependencies need updating.

There are bug fixes since 2.13.8 that people need.

Same here, using a tab example app generated by expo and latest version of React Native.

I managed to solve it with the following steps:

  • npm uninstall react-native --save
  • Delete node_modules folder
  • npm i react-native@2.13.8 --save
  • npm i

Restart Android emulator, restart expo (npm start), and it works! Thanks @onurcskun!

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