Solvedeos Error on Multisig

I followed the EOSIO multisig tutorial (, but there is a error when I execute the multisig transaction after all the accounts approved it.


The detailed steps are as follow:
I created four accounts: mymultisig11, partner11111, partner22222 and partner33333.
./cleos set account permission mymultisig11 active '{"threshold":2,"keys":[],"accounts":[{"permission":{"actor":"partner11111","permission":"active"},"weight":1},{"permission":{"actor":"partner22222","permission":"active"},"weight":1},{"permission":{"actor":"partner33333","permission":"active"},"weight":1}],"waits":[]}' owner -p mymultisig11@owner

./cleos set account permission mymultisig11 owner '{"threshold":2,"keys":[],"accounts":[{"permission":{"actor":"partner11111","permission":"owner"},"weight":1},{"permission":{"actor":"partner22222","permission":"owner"},"weight":1},{"permission":{"actor":"partner33333","permission":"owner"},"weight":1}],"waits":[]}' -p mymultisig11@owner

./cleos multisig propose payme '[{"actor": "partner22222", "permission": "active"},{"actor": "partner33333", "permission": "active"}]' '[{"actor": "mymultisig11", "permission": "active"}]' eosio.token transfer '{"from":"mymultisig11", "to":"partner11111", "quantity":"25.0000 SYS", "memo":"Pay partner11111 some money"}' -p partner11111@active

./cleos multisig approve partner11111 payme '{"actor": "partner22222", "permission": "active"}' -p partner22222@active

./cleos multisig approve partner11111 payme '{"actor": "partner33333", "permission": "active"}' -p partner33333@active

./cleos multisig exec partner11111 payme -p partner11111@active

P.S. I'm sure that the wallet is unlocked and the related private keys are inside my wallet.

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msig requires this to work:

$ push action eosio setpriv '["eosio.msig", 1]' -p eosio@active

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