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Hey there, I am using your package along with the new version of Laravel (5.2) and I am getting and empty content (blank image) using the example that you got posted on your web site.


// create a new image resource
$img = Image::canvas(800, 600, '#ff0000');

// send HTTP header and output image data
header('Content-Type: image/png');
echo $img->encode('png');

I do not know why it happens because I have the same controller doing the duty with the before Laravel version and it works fine.

any guide will be great.


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@angelov be sure to check for any whitespace outside any <?php tag. That was the issue for me.

In a app/config.php-file, I had a tab character before the PHP tag started, and that caused the empty square, because it conflicted with the image data.

A way to test this, could be to make a route that returns nothing, and then inspect the source to check if the output is actually empty as expected. If not, good luck finding that space/tab/whatever.

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