Solvedspksrc DSM 6.0 Released - Report success/issues with packages here

Seems Synology has released DSM 6.0 (Just got notice to update).

Starting this topic to track all issues with packages etc. during the upgrade process.

Few things if you want to report a broken package:

  • Limit your reports to SynoCommunity packages please.
  • Please add your model;
  • Did you do a clean install of the package on DSM6, or did the package stop working after upgrading from DSM5 to DSM6;
  • Try a second reboot;
  • If you encounter segfaults when running binaries, that would be nice to know. You'll most likely have to wait until the DSM6 toolchains are released. Please wait until Synology releases the new toolchains, or alternatively, compile and test with the DSM6beta toolchains in a local setup, see if that works. Note that this could occur on just a subset of models.

Other things to note:

  • Do not discuss elaborate workarounds here. This is a bugtracker, not a discussion forum. Use the Synology forums for that;
  • Manually edited packages/users etc cannot be supported, and when new DSM6-compatible packages are provided, we will expect you to do a clean installation of the package if you run into problems, so anything you do is at your own risk.
  • For people able to troubleshoot or who have solutions (not workarounds!), let's do that in a separate issue, so we end up with one issue per package (or set of packages with the same cause, e.g. issues with user creation).
  • PR's with tested solutions are welcome, note that backwards compatibility should not be broken.

Broken: Haproxy, Myalr, transmission
Working: Umurmur, pyload (after reboot), sonarr (after switching to official Mono package - see below)

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✔️Accepted Answer

Sonarr won't start. When I try to run the Mono executable directly at /usr/local/mono/bin/mono all I get is Segmentation Fault. The Mono now available through Synology still works however, so you can modify the Sonarr startup script to use that executable.

In /var/packages/nzbdrone/scripts/start-stop-status do the following changes:




Other Answers:

Debian Chroot
Was working on latest v5 DSM from Synology, upgraded the day the DSM v6 came out.

Now crontab is not executed and (as above) syslog etc is not working. From Main Menu on DSM selecting Debian Chroot Console will result in a not responding window. Services scheduled to start with Chroot are gone

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