Solvedale Disable linting for select files

I currently have some files that i don't want to lint within a project due to how massive they are. Is it possible to have linting disabled for filepaths that match a regex?

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@mark-westerhof You should now be able to disable linting for files like so.

let g:ale_pattern_options = {
\   '.*\.json$': {'ale_enabled': 0},
\   '.*some/folder/.*\.js$': {'ale_enabled': 0},

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I have now accomplished this through slightly different means, which will solve this problem, and some configuration issues. You can now use let b:ale_enabled = 0 to disable ALE for a particular buffer. This will be respected by the cursor echoing function and the function for running linters. For configuring files based on patterns, I have created g:ale_pattern_options, for automatically setting buffer variables based on filename patterns. See :help g:ale_pattern_options

These options should make it possible to not only disable ALE for particular files, but also to set different linter options for different files, etc.

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