SolvedClickHouse DB::Exception: Too many parts (600). Merges are processing significantly slower than inserts

ClickHouse client version 18.6.0.
Connected to ClickHouse server version 18.6.0 revision 54401.

Hello all,
I have been working on this issue for almost a week and still see the problem coming back.

The following changes have been made on config.xml:


The input data size: 177GB
The total number of input files: 2050
Average size of each file: 110MB
Command used to import the data:
cat *.clickhouse | clickhouse-client --query="INSERT INTO default.MyTable(....")...
Question 1> Based on the above command, how many insert statement generated?
Is this a bulk insertion?

After the change, the system still reports the same errors as below.
Question 2> What else should I try? Increase the size again?

Thank you very much

2018.09.19 10:25:02.114885 [ 49 ] executeQuery: Code: 252, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Too many parts (600). Merges are processing significantly slower than inserts., e.what() = DB::Exception (from (in query: INSERT INTO default.MyTable(timestamp, ...) FORMAT RowBinary), Stack trace:

  1. clickhouse-server(StackTrace::StackTrace()+0x16) [0x48abed6]
  2. clickhouse-server(DB::Exception::Exception(std::string const&, int)+0x1f) [0x2682dcf]
  3. clickhouse-server(DB::MergeTreeData::delayInsertOrThrowIfNeeded(Poco::Event*) const+0x3a7) [0x431ccc7]
  4. clickhouse-server(DB::MergeTreeBlockOutputStream::write(DB::Block const&)+0x2c) [0x4314cfc]
  5. clickhouse-server(DB::PushingToViewsBlockOutputStream::write(DB::Block const&)+0x31) [0x44b38a1]
  6. clickhouse-server(DB::AddingDefaultBlockOutputStream::write(DB::Block const&)+0x9a1) [0x44442c1]
  7. clickhouse-server(DB::SquashingBlockOutputStream::write(DB::Block const&)+0x363) [0x44b91a3]
  8. clickhouse-server(DB::CountingBlockOutputStream::write(DB::Block const&)+0x1d) [0x4468a3d]
  9. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::receiveData()+0x8d) [0x268b63d]
  10. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::receivePacket()+0x85) [0x268c435]
  11. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::readData(DB::Settings const&)+0x19b) [0x268c8eb]
  12. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::processInsertQuery(DB::Settings const&)+0x1d6) [0x268cc86]
  13. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::runImpl()+0x43c) [0x268d24c]
  14. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::run()+0x1c) [0x268e0ac]
  15. clickhouse-server(Poco::Net::TCPServerConnection::start()+0xf) [0x49eefaf]
  16. clickhouse-server(Poco::Net::TCPServerDispatcher::run()+0x110) [0x49ef610]
  17. clickhouse-server(Poco::PooledThread::run()+0x77) [0x4a4df27]
  18. clickhouse-server(Poco::ThreadImpl::runnableEntry(void*)+0x38) [0x4a4b488]
  19. clickhouse-server() [0x4d3fe1f]
  20. /lib64/ [0x7f912655ae25]
  21. /lib64/ [0x7f9125d8234d]

2018.09.19 10:25:02.162124 [ 49 ] ServerErrorHandler: Code: 99, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Unknown packet 44 from client, e.what() = DB::Exception, Stack trace:

  1. clickhouse-server(StackTrace::StackTrace()+0x16) [0x48abed6]
  2. clickhouse-server(DB::Exception::Exception(std::string const&, int)+0x1f) [0x2682dcf]
  3. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::receivePacket()+0x2e0) [0x268c690]
  4. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::runImpl()+0x2b0) [0x268d0c0]
  5. clickhouse-server(DB::TCPHandler::run()+0x1c) [0x268e0ac]
  6. clickhouse-server(Poco::Net::TCPServerConnection::start()+0xf) [0x49eefaf]
  7. clickhouse-server(Poco::Net::TCPServerDispatcher::run()+0x110) [0x49ef610]
  8. clickhouse-server(Poco::PooledThread::run()+0x77) [0x4a4df27]
  9. clickhouse-server(Poco::ThreadImpl::runnableEntry(void*)+0x38) [0x4a4b488]
  10. clickhouse-server() [0x4d3fe1f]
  11. /lib64/ [0x7f912655ae25]
  12. /lib64/ [0x7f9125d8234d]
22 Answers

βœ”οΈAccepted Answer

  1. Each insert create a folder in /var/lib/clickhouse/.../table_name/. Inside that folder there are 2 files per each column - one with data (compressed), second with index. Data is physically sorted by primary key inside those files. Those folders are called 'parts'.
  2. ClickHouse merges those smaller parts to bigger parts in the background. It chooses parts to merge according to some rules. After merging two (or more) parts one bigger part is being created and old parts are queued to be removed. The settings you list allow finetuning the rules of merging parts. The goal of merging process - is to leave one big part for each partition (or few big parts per partition which are not worth to merge because they are too big). Please check also that comment.
  3. if you create new parts too fast (for example by doing lot of small inserts) and ClickHouse is not able to merge them with proper speed (so new parts come faster than ClickHouse can merge them) - then you get the exception 'Merges are processing significantly slower than inserts'. You can try to increase the limit but you can get the situation then you get filesystem problems caused by the too big number of files / directories (like inodes limit).
  4. If you insert to lot of partitions at once the problem is multiplied by the number of partitions affected by insert.
  5. You can try to adjust the behaviour of clickhouse with one of the listed settings, or with max_insert_block_size / max_block_size / insert_format_max_block_size / max_client_network_bandwidth. But: the better solution is just to insert data in expected tempo. The expected tempo is: one insert per 1-2 sec, each insert containing 10K-500K rows of data.
  6. So proper solution to solve "Merges are processing significantly slower than inserts" is to adjust the number of inserts per second and number of rows in each insert. Use batch insert to combine small inserts into one bigger if data comes row-by-row. Throttle huge inserts if you have too much data to insert at once. Don't change clickhouse internals, unless you really understand well what does they it mean.
  7. If your data comes faster than 500K rows per second - most probably you need more servers in the cluster to serve that traffic, not the adjustment of settings.
  8. the speed of background merges usually depends on storage speed, used compression settings, and mergetree option, i.e. merge algorithm - plain merge / aggregating / summing / collapsing etc. & used soring key.

Other Answers:

The main requirement about insert to Clickhouse: you should never send too many INSERT statements per second. Ideally - one insert per second / per few seconds.

So you can insert 100K rows per second but only with one big bulk INSERT statement. When you send hundreds / thousands insert statements per second to *MergeTree table you will always get some errors, and it can not be changed by adjusting some settings.

If you can't combine lot of inserts into one big bulk insert statement outside - then you should create Buffer table before *MergeTree table.

Hello filimonov,

I do have some issues on understanding the meaning of the following config.

/** If table contains at least that many active parts, artificially slow down insert into table. /
* If more than this number active parts, throw 'Too many parts ...' exception */

Question 1> Why does clickhouse have to throw when the limit of the parts_to_throw_insert has been hit?

Question 2> What is the real meaning of parts here? Is it true that the parts are the individual files located on /var/lib/clickhouse/data/default/MyTable/...?
What if I increase parts_to_throw_insert to 100000? Does this cause any potential issues?

Question 3> By decreasing the value in <max_bytes_to_merge_at_max_space_in_pool>107374182400</max_bytes_to_merge_at_max_space_in_pool>, will this cause performance issue? My current workstation has 512GB memory. Since the machine has large memory capacity, I really want to improve the insert/merge performance if that is possible.

Question 4> I have increased the value in <max_delay_to_insert>60</max_delay_to_insert>.
Will this cause performance issue?

Thank you

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