Solvedreact select Critical accessibility issues: aria roles and aria-label

When running the Axe accessibility tester against the react-select v2 code-sandbox, two critical issues are identified:

  • Form elements must have labels. While you can pass aria-label as a prop to the Select component, it is not assigned as an attribute to the #react-select-2-input HTML element. Adding this attribute satisfies the Axe tester.
  • Certain ARIA roles must be contained by particular parents. Each .select__option has role="option"; however, the parent div .select__menu-list does not have role="listbox". Adding this attribute satisfies the Axe tester. Note that I had to use React Developer Tools to set menuIsOpen on the StateManager to see this violation.

Below are screenshots of the Axe test results.
Form elements must have labels

Certain ARIA roles must be contained by particular parents

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For anyone else who stumbles upon this thread and is looking for a temporary fix...
You can add an accessible label to the input by wrapping the component in a <label> element. This will work with screen readers and VoiceOver.

  Name of label
  <Select ... />

Other Answers:

Issue should be reopened. aria-label isn't applied if isSearchable is set to false.

The input reported by Axe is <input id="react-select-2-input" readonly="" tabindex="0" class="css-gj7qu5-dummyInput" value="">

@bmsuseluda You should actually be using hyphen cased syntax for aria attributes but that is not the issue here -- aria-label doesn't work either.

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