Solvedomnisharp vscode Could not find document for file, Omnisharp not working

Issue Description

I recently started a new Unity project, and for the first few days of me working on it, the C# extension had no issues. However, a few days after, all Omnisharp functions stopped working, like reference counters and autocomplete. I checked the logs and found that any time I was typing something, this was showing up:

[info]: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.Completion.CompletionService
        Could not find document for file e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista\Assets\Scripts\Board.cs

I've tried restarting the server via the command palette multiple times and it hasn't worked.
I tried looking online for solutions and came across this: #4181 (comment) so I set the path to latest in my settings, which is why I have the beta. (Having the beta didn't fix it and it didn't work before I had the beta too.) I also saw this in the changelog on the extension store:

For Mono-based development (e.g. Unity) that requires full .NET framework, you need to set "omnisharp.useGlobalMono": "always". The current value of "auto" will remain "never" until Mono upgrades their bundled MSBuild version.

So I tried setting the "useGlobalMono" to "always", but that didn't work either. I've asked some people on Reddit for help, but nothing worked there either. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, also to no avail.

Note: for the most part I am new to development in C#, and this may be a stupid question, but is there supposed to be a .csproj or .sln file somewhere in the directory created by Unity, because I can't find any, and that may be the problem, but I've tried and I can't find anything about it.

Steps to Reproduce

Unknown, Omnisharp was working fine one day then stopped working the next day without any warning.

Expected Behavior

When typing, suggestions that are related to my variables and methods show up, red underlining when there is a syntax error, reference counters, go to definition would do something, etc.

Actual Behavior

None of the above show up, I get no red lines from syntax errors, no reference counters, go to definition does nothing, and the only suggestions I get when typing is based on words that have already appeared in my script.


OmniSharp log

Starting OmniSharp server at 1/10/2021, 2:40:37 PM Target: e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista

OmniSharp server started.
Path: c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23\OmniSharp.exe
PID: 4092

Starting OmniSharp on Windows 6.2.9200.0 (x64)
info: OmniSharp.Services.DotNetCliService
DotNetPath set to dotnet
info: OmniSharp.MSBuild.Discovery.MSBuildLocator
Located 1 MSBuild instance(s)
1: StandAlone 16.8.0 - "c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild\Current\Bin"
info: OmniSharp.MSBuild.Discovery.MSBuildLocator
MSBUILD_EXE_PATH environment variable set to 'c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild\Current\Bin\MSBuild.exe'
info: OmniSharp.MSBuild.Discovery.MSBuildLocator
Registered MSBuild instance: StandAlone 16.8.0 - "c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild\Current\Bin"
CscToolExe = csc.exe
CscToolPath = c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild\Current\Bin\Roslyn
MSBuildExtensionsPath = c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild
MSBuildToolsPath = c:\Users\jagsh.vscode\extensions\ms-dotnettools.csharp-1.23.8.omnisharp\1.37.6-beta.23.msbuild\Current\Bin
info: OmniSharp.Cake.CakeProjectSystem
Detecting Cake files in 'e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista'.
info: OmniSharp.Cake.CakeProjectSystem
Could not find any Cake files
info: OmniSharp.MSBuild.ProjectSystem
No solution files found in 'e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista'
info: OmniSharp.Script.ScriptProjectSystem
Detecting CSX files in 'e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista'.
info: OmniSharp.Script.ScriptProjectSystem
Could not find any CSX files
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Invoking Workspace Options Provider: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.CSharpFormattingWorkspaceOptionsProvider, Order: 0
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Invoking Workspace Options Provider: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.Completion.CompletionOptionsProvider, Order: 0
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Invoking Workspace Options Provider: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.RenameWorkspaceOptionsProvider, Order: 100
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Invoking Workspace Options Provider: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.ImplementTypeWorkspaceOptionsProvider, Order: 110
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Invoking Workspace Options Provider: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.BlockStructureWorkspaceOptionsProvider, Order: 140
info: OmniSharp.WorkspaceInitializer
Configuration finished.
info: OmniSharp.Stdio.Host
Omnisharp server running using Stdio at location 'e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista' on host 22020.
info: OmniSharp.Roslyn.CSharp.Services.Completion.CompletionService
Could not find document for file e:\Games\UnityProjects\Protista\Assets\Scripts\Board.cs

C# log

Getting latest OmniSharp version information Downloading package 'Latest OmniSharp Version Information' (1 KB).................... Done! In this case, even though I'd done it before, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the C# extension as a last-ditch effort.

Environment information

VSCode version: 1.52.1
C# Extension: 1.23.8

Dotnet Information .NET Core SDK (reflecting any global.json): Version: 3.1.101 Commit: b377529961

Runtime Environment:
OS Name: Windows
OS Version: 10.0.19041
OS Platform: Windows
RID: win10-x64
Base Path: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\3.1.101\

Host (useful for support):
Version: 3.1.1
Commit: a1388f194c

.NET Core SDKs installed:
3.1.101 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk]

.NET Core runtimes installed:
Microsoft.AspNetCore.App 3.1.1 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.AspNetCore.App]
Microsoft.NETCore.App 3.1.1 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.NETCore.App]
Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App 3.1.1 [C:\Program Files\dotnet\shared\Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App]

To install additional .NET Core runtimes or SDKs:

Visual Studio Code Extensions
Extension Author Version
anaconda-extension-pack ms-python 1.0.1
csharp ms-dotnettools 1.23.8
debugger-for-chrome msjsdiag 4.12.11
discord-vscode icrawl 4.1.0
java redhat 0.73.0
jupyter ms-toolsai 2020.12.414227025
python ms-python 2020.12.424452561
remote-containers ms-vscode-remote 0.154.2
remote-ssh ms-vscode-remote 0.62.0
remote-ssh-edit ms-vscode-remote 0.62.0
remote-wsl ms-vscode-remote 0.52.0
unity-debug Unity 3.0.2
unity-tools Tobiah 1.2.12
vscode-java-debug vscjava 0.30.0
vscode-java-dependency vscjava 0.16.0
vscode-java-pack vscjava 0.12.1
vscode-java-test vscjava 0.27.0
vscode-maven vscjava 0.27.1
vscode-pull-request-github GitHub 0.22.0
vscode-pylance ms-python 2021.1.0
vscode-remote-extensionpack ms-vscode-remote 0.20.0
vscode-yaml redhat 0.13.0
vscodeintellicode VisualStudioExptTeam 1.2.10
21 Answers

✔️Accepted Answer

yeah but now it picks up the correct MSBuild which is good

[info]: OmniSharp.MSBuild.Discovery.MSBuildLocator
        Registered MSBuild instance: Visual Studio Build Tools 2019 16.8.30804.86 - "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\BuildTools\MSBuild\Current\Bin"

so what you need to do now, is follow the link in the error and install .NET 4.7.1 developer pack (

Other Answers:

oh, I did not notice that you are on Windows. Then Mono has no effect.

You need to install VS 2019 Build Tools or VS 2019

Then Omnisharp will pick up the MSBuild that comes with that.

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