Solvedclj kondo Convention for necessarily required but not explicitly used namespaces

Ideas for expressing: this namespace is necessarily required but not explicitly used (loading specs, loading a foreign lib, multimethods, etc).


The problem is that some tooling warns or even removes required namespaces that are not explicitly used in the code. However, sometimes these namespaces are still used for registering specs, multimethods, etc. So there should be a way to say: we need these namespaces regardless of explicit usage.


(ns foo
  (:require [foo.specs]))

Here specs related to foo are loaded, but the namespace foo.specs is not used explicitly.

Related issues with earlier discussions:


  1. single symbol libspec


(ns foo
  (:require [normal.ns]

Pro: simple, no clutter
Con: with this approach: there might be others that are accidentally also unwrapped and not reported.
Con: doesn't work for unused java imports (but these don't cause side effects anyway).

  1. Attach metadata ^:keep on a vector in which the ns name is wrapped
(ns foo
  (:require ^:keep [my-side-effecting.ns]
            [normal.ns :as n])
  (:import ^:keep [java.lang String]))


Pro: works for requires + java imports
Pro: less accidental than 1
Con: breaks vertical alignment. However, it seems clojure-sort-ns already respects metadata:

   ^:keep [bar.specs]
   ^:keep [foo.specs]

so maybe this wouldn’t be a problem, since ‘keeped’ libspecs go on top anyways.
Also you can use a newline after the metadata to fix the vertical alignment.

Con: you always have to use a vector to place metadata on, since CLJS allows strings as namespace names in :require. This is not really a con, since this is already encouraged style in how to ns.

  1. Empty :refer vector
(ns foo
  (:require [my-side-effecting.ns :refer []]
            [normal.ns :as n]))


Pro: less clutter than 2
Pro: less accidental than 1

  1. Use a comment or uneval (this has been my approach so far in earlier projects)
(ns foo
  (:require [my-side-effecting.ns] ;; keep
            [my-side-effecting.ns2] ;; #_keep
            [normal.ns :as n]))


Pro: less accidental than 1
Pro: better alignment than metadata
Con: clutter
Con: comments might not be seen by all tooling at the moment the AST is processed (clj-kondo included)

  1. Wrap in list instead of vector:
(ns foo (:require (foo.specs)))

Pro: no clutter
Con: might be accidental

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Another option is:

When there is no :as foo or :refer [foo] the tooling MUST assume that this namespace is implicitly used?

I think this works for 99% of my "implicit requires"?

Example from a file that was in front of me right now:

Screenshot 2019-06-13 15 23 35

The implicit requires are dre.yada.html and dre.yada.xml which are exactly the only ones that do not have an alias or a :refer.

Other Answers:

I like the metadata idea, because that's what it is—metadata on the require for other tools to use. It's explicit, and doesn't conflate existing patterns with implicit meaning.

Why not keep "side-effecting" requires outside of the ns macro ?
Linters could still clean the ns form and leave explicit requires by themselves.

Most people see the ns form as declarations of stuff to "compile" your code, so coming from others languages it feels natural to tidy those declarations.

But when you want "side-effecting" requires, it is usually to set some state for your running program. It seems to me, that it should live outside of the ns form.

Instead of adding new meta-keys convention on top of the language for tooling, maybe we just need to advise (in clojure style guide for example) the explicit usage of require out of the ns macro for runtime side-effects?

@zane both clj-kondo and joker already support this in their config files (:ignored-unused-namespaces in joker and :unused-namespace -> :exclude in clj-kondo). I do like this approach because it keeps the code uncluttered. I also think that it's usually a good idea to have a more elaborate comment like ;; required for XXX multimethods rather than just ;; keep, and if there is already a comment, additional signals like ^:tooling/keep are unnecessary from readability point of view.
^:tooling/keep might be a good option though (in addition to config files).

The newest clj-kondo already supports this feature.

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