Solvedreact bootstrap table Column width problem

Hi folks,
first of all, thanks for this awesome component, but we have a little problem with it.

If we add items to template.projection ({column}) and react rerender the table everything looks fine.

But if we remove items of template.projection, the width of deleted column is splitting to each remaining column and ignore the width information on other TableHeaderColumn.

 <BootstrapTable height="250" data={data} striped={true} hover={true} condensed={true}>
    <TableHeaderColumn dataField="articleNumber" width="60" dataFormat={this.excludedFormatter}>       
    <TableHeaderColumn dataField="articleNumber" width="115" isKey={true}
        filter={{type: "TextFilter", placeholder: labels.new_articleNumber}}/>
    <TableHeaderColumn dataField="description"
        filter={{type: "TextFilter", placeholder: labels.new_description}}/>

column =

        let column = filter.concat(template.projection).map(headline => {
            return (
                <TableHeaderColumn dataField={headline} width="80">{headline}</TableHeaderColumn>
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hi there, sorry for lately fixing, check react-bootstrap-table@2.10.0-beta.1 by
npm install react-bootstrap-table@2.10.0-beta.1 and I thought this beta release already fixed couples unalign problem, if it work and stability, I'll consider to forward to production as soon as possible.

Let me know if the problems still there. thanks

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