Solvedmaterialize Changes for v1.0.0

v1 Updates

1.0.0-alpha.1 is here! Check out the announcement post on Medium

Big Changes

  • Rewrite Datepicker to no longer use pickadate.js which is no longer in development
  • Remove jQuery as a dependency


  • Refactor plugins into Classes
    • Dropdown
    • Select
    • Tooltip
    • Toast
    • Modal
    • Collapsible
    • Carousel
    • Parallax
    • Pushpin
    • Materialbox
    • Sidenav
    • Slider
    • Chips
    • Autocomplete
    • Feature Discovery
    • Timepicker
  • All Plugins have
    • this.el
    • this.destroy()
    • this.getInstance()
    • upgrade guide
    • update changelog
    • update documentation
    • In / Out transition options where applicable
  • getInstance takes in nodeList as well as single elem
  • Remove styling on base HTML elements (pushed to a later release)
  • Form reworks
    • Rework input field validation styling
    • Rework labels to wrap Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Slimming Down

  • Remove jQuery Easing plugin as a dependency
  • Remove HammerJs as a dependency
  • Remove transitions.js
  • Remove scrollfire
  • Remove automatic initialization for plugins
  • Remove options as HTML attributes on plugins
  • Unbundle Roboto from Materialize(#4798)

Clean Up

  • Remove the deprecated.userView class (#5037)
  • Prefix plugin names (M_pluginname)?

Meta Items

  • Create 1.0.0 upgrade guide
  • Drop IE 10 Support
  • Drop Safari 7 + 8 Support
  • Archived Documentation

New Features

  • Youtube-like PiP
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✔️Accepted Answer

There are some more issues I would consider to be included in v1.0.0.

  • I think we should consider to "refactor" the badge component.(#1907, #413) In particular I would have in mind:

    • Remove .new class as it is annoying for people who do not use materialize in combination with the English language. Just a .badge class would be better.
    • Circular badges
  • Materialize currently "requires" to import all colors. "That are 1.6k lines trash"(#3612, #936) for people that only use a primary and secondary color.

  • Remove Roboto from source and add instructions to obtain it via CDN (#4797)

  • Replace the collections component with a lists component (#4727)

Other Answers:

Remove Velocity.js (and use pure CSS animations and transitions or JavaScript animation API).

Not sure about Remove automatic initialization for plugins. At least we should provide some autoinit file like Google uses for their Material components or Materialize method like Foundation has to initialize all current components in the DOM.

jQuery removal is no longer slated for v1.0.0. Instead, v1 will be a stepping stone where we remove a few other deps while rewriting code with minimal jQuery. We will likely target jQuery Lite for v1 and go for full removal in a later version.

We should use pure ES5/6 components. jQuer yand the others can be replaced with native solutions.

More Issues: