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Hi there

I have troubles compiling the cuda samples in version 10.2 on a fresh ubuntu 18.04.
here's the issue:

In file included from cudaNvSci.cpp:12:0: cudaNvSci.h:14:10: fatal error: nvscibuf.h: No such file or directory #include <nvscibuf.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. Makefile:394: recipe for target 'cudaNvSci.o' failed make[1]: *** [cudaNvSci.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/federico/NVIDIA_CUDA-10.2_Samples/0_Simple/cudaNvSci' Makefile:51: recipe for target '0_Simple/cudaNvSci/Makefile.ph_build' failed make: *** [0_Simple/cudaNvSci/Makefile.ph_build] Error 2

any idea?

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@magistri @Helenll @Evanslooten you can continue the build with make -k while using master Makefile this will allow make to skip this error due to build failure of cudaNvSci sample.

As documented in the CUDA 10.2 release notes, the NvSci interop support is a new BETA feature to CUDA 10.2 and hence it's broad support is limited at this current time. The cudaNvSci sample that is contained in the CUDA 10.2 toolkit requires a new NvStreams development package that has, to date, not yet been released. NvStreams is a product of NVIDIA Automotive SW and is already supported in DRIVE OS aarch64 Linux on DRIVE OS . The x86_64 support package for Nvstreams is new and is due to be released in late January of 2020 as a part of the DRIVE OS release. If you are interested to obtain the upcoming release of Nvstreams support for DRIVE OS on x86_64 please register for an account at The initial release of the BETA Nvstreams x86_64 library package will be handled via which is a credentialed access portal automotive partners for obtaining all related DRIVE OS software.

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Hello, I encountered the same problem. It seems that you can continue the build with
make -k.

The initial release of the BETA Nvstreams x86_64 library package will at blah blah and you don't have it

Then don't shove/require/embed it in the basic build samples?

Can't understand why this issue was closed tbh

make: Target 'all' not remade because of errors.

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