SolvedSemantic UI [build] gulp build command not working

gulp build can't complete the 'build-assets' phase due to the following error:

GulpUglifyError: unable to minify JavaScript
Caused by: DefaultsError: `preserveComments` is not a supported option
          if(error.filename.match(/theme.less/)) {
TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of undefined

And is NOT fixed by commenting the following lines:

./tasks/config/tasks.js:148:      preserveComments : 'some'
./tasks/config/tasks.js:162:      preserveComments : false

Steps to reproduce it:

npm install semantic-ui --save
cd semantic/
gulp build
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Hi, I found that Uglify plugin changed its options and now preserveComments is obsolete:

Option           | Replacement
preserveComments | output.comments

So, just replacing in these 2 lines in semantic/tasks/config/tasks.js:

./tasks/config/tasks.js:148:      preserveComments : 'some'
./tasks/config/tasks.js:162:      preserveComments : false


output: {
    comments: 'some'

output: {
    comments: false

worked for me.

Other Answers:

I think I found the problem. This issue ... terinjokes/gulp-uglify#265 ... and the latest gulp-uglify release notes reveal that release v3.0.0 of gulp-uglify REMOVED the custom option preserveComments :)

I'll fix the dependencies so that we dont use this version of uglify. Sorry about this guys.

@cluxter dont worry, I'm releasing this later tonight. Continuing to jam on issues. Manual fix above should work in interim.

Will get fix in over weekend. Thanks for patience.

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