SolvedConEmu Arrow keys not working in Bash for Windows

The new Bash for Windows has just been released in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview. I have added bash.exe in a new task in ConEmu, and it launches just fine. However, the arrow keys do not work in the bash environment (they work fine when launching bash.exe normally). I have tried revealing RealConsole by pressing Ctrl+Win+Alt+Space, and the arrow keys work just fine in that environment. My ConEmu configuration is the default one.

I am not sure what other information I can provide, feel free to request any additional info, I will do my best to provide such.

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@ErrantErinaceinae Are you kidding? Months??? The issue was created four days ago! This is absolutely new feature of Windows 10! It's beta at last and may have bugs!

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The only workaround: Build 160411 (or higher) and start bash as following:

%windir%\system32\bash.exe -cur_console:p1

In case this helps, in one of the newer versions of ConEmu, I wasn't getting the default AppKeys settings for a new custom task. I changed my custom task to include -new_console:p5 and that fixed it for me. See for p[N] - pty modes meaning.

Is it your question?

I'm not sure. Perhaps the switch -new_console:p1 may help. Add it afer bash.exe -l -i.

I just added the vim command :set term=builtin_ansi and then the arrows works. Therefore, I have added the command to my .vimrc file. cd $HOME && printf '"# Fix the use of keyboard arrows in vim. \n:set term=builtin_ansi' >> .vimrc

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