Solvedangular cli AOT broken when using loadChildren and a function : Replace modules import by modules factories ?

When I try to build my app with AOT since I'm using loadChildren with a function it breaks (not at compilation but when running the app in the browser, complaining that r.create is not a function).

According to angular/angular#13909 it seems that instead of having


we should rather import the factory (which is not available when coding, only when building) :


SamVerschueren asked if it could be replaced at build time (and opened an issue angular/angular#14005 for that).

mhevery explained why it can't be handled at build time by angular angular/angular#13909 (comment).

I'm wondering if this can be done by angular-cli ? Or as soon as we use loadChildren with a function (don't want AOT or AOT is broken due to some other bugs for example) we have to manually do that ?

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I have been involved in attempts to get something like this working. The core team guys suggest it's a tough nut to crack. It's something I imagine the compiler-cli should be doing, changing the output of the compilation, it is compilation (translation) when you think about it.

For now, the workaround is to change the loadChildren assignment to a string (lazy loading), but keep the function around to make the module get included in the same bundle instead of a separate one. Keeping the exported function not just the import makes sure it doesn't get tree shaked / minified.


import { ProfileModule } from './profile/profile.module';

// Do not delete. Used to ensure ProfileModule is loaded in the same bundle.
// Referencing the function directly in `loadChildren` breaks AoT compiler.
export function loadProfileModule() {
    return ProfileModule;

export const routes: Routes = [
    // ... other routes ...
    { path: 'profile', loadChildren: './profile/profile.module#ProfileModule' }

Check the app-routing.module.ts in my routing test project for a working example:


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@steve3d it's not an answer

i'm using ngtools/webpack and eagerly loaded modules

loadChildren: () => Module

won't compile with AOT

i can import module.ngfactory only for AOT and so on, but it's a mess and should be done by plugin

Function with loadChildren is still not working with AOT as of 9/6/2018, CLI version 6.1.1 - have to switch to lazy loaded path to enable AOT and bypass error of 'Runtime compiler is not loaded'.

Sorry what's the solution?


Because this way your feature module doesn't need to know what path is being used to access it.

I think what @SamVerschueren mentioned is fully justified the need of loadChildren, and of course it should be AOT-compatible. An eager loaded routed feature module must be imported by another module so that the compiler learns about its components. In this way, feature-specified routes should define up to root path.

However, the feature module routing shouldn't have knowledge from the 'upper-stream', which can

  1. prevent the name collusion problem (feature modules could have used the same pathname)
  2. also based on the 1 that it therefore achieves the truly modularized structure with fully separated concerned among modules.

Please kindly reopen this issue.

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