Solvedlottie ios animation stop after enter background

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32 Answers

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Seem we have this to pause in background and restart when it reach foreground animationView.backgroundBehavior = .pauseAndRestore

Other Answers:

I set loopAnimation to YES ,it works fine frist,but when I pressed the home button,and then back the app, the animation stopped

for me, this worked:

override func viewDidLoad() {
        NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(restartAnimation), name: NSNotification.Name.UIApplicationWillEnterForeground, object: nil)

@objc func restartAnimation() {

At least it should be a feature that is by default on (auto pause in bg, resume on fg) that could be toggled off as needed.

@vivekjohn this feature was added to the library a few years ago as shown in some of the comments here. The flag is animationView.backgroundBehavior = .pauseAndRestore. I think your comment will just confuse people looking for an answer and we wouldn't want beginners copying all those force unwraps either.

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